Storytelling Dayz

by anbrewk

I died dressed in pink light. Everything but the light of the flares was black and white, but the flares stayed pink. The light had drained out of me. I had to laugh that all I could seem to do was throw flares when my pistol was right there, cocked and pointed at them. But no, another flare, then another. I was surrounded by the eery pink light, the same pink light that was attracting them to me. I might have been fine if they didn’t break my leg. I had morphine to deal with it, but I couldn’t take it with them beating on me.

Welcome to DayZ. The whole reason I was throwing flares in this town was because it was nighttime and all the servers get dark in the nighttime. This server was getting dark, had nothing to lose, and I had a lot of flares so I started filling this city up with them. It was kind of fun throwing them; it was fun learning the physics and trying to hit things. I found a few dead bodies and started to worry about a sniper, but I decided to forget about it. I found 3 dead and even one alive. The one I found wasn’t the sniper. He plaintively asked for me to not shoot him. I would do no such thing: I was busy throwing flares. He was friendly but I ditched him when he starting shooting at the zombies. I left him in a pile of them to keep throwing my flares.

I decided, after finding so many flares, to start collecting other things. That’s where I got the morphine from – enough to cure three broken bones. I also found a crossbow and some bolts – arguably the worst weapon but I wanted to go hunting with them. My thinking was I wouldn’t need to recover ammo as I could recover my bolts. I even had a hunting knife to gut my kills but I needed some matches before I could cook any of the meat I’d get. I need to find matches before I left Elektro. Without matches, I couldn’t light a fire and I need fire to cook meat.  So all I was doing then was looking for matches when I died.  All I needed was some damn matches. And that’s how I came to die draped in pink light in the industrial sector of a city named Elektro.